COVID-19 - We're all in this together.

coaches against corona

About Us

This is our effort to offer hope to all humans in this dark moment. We are working to do more.

We are living in very challenging times. COVID-19 has become a pandemic that has caused many of us to self-isolate, quarantine, and cancel our daily work. It is important to all of us coaches to assist others to get through difficult events. We are joining together to support and to coach others in times of stress.

Our hearts are with those suffering from the virus, isolation, economic impact, and the despair at the hands of other humans and our systems. Our hearts are with those standing in the hard spaces to care and selflessly give for those in need.


We are offering the following Non-Financial coaching programs

One-on-one Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides a highly personalized and flexible approach to current situation by tackling specific challenges and providing practical ways to leverage your impact during this crisis.

Coaching Circles

Group 6-8 people/ peers where you will build trust, connect authentically, and solve problems together. 

The circles are a safe place for you to share what really matters, to get past the bureaucratic posturing of meetings, and come up with solution.

Anxiety and stress make it difficult to make important, possibly life changing decisions. We guide you through those anxieties in order for you to move forward positively through, what may seem to be a negative experience. This will ensure you take the right course of action for you, your loved ones, your colleagues and so forth.

Complete a short application form, our coaches will be in touch with you. T & C apply.